Hard to fly

Getting away from your folks and living independently is for many a major reason for going to university far from the parental nest. But, according to a new survey, more than half of university students will be forced to live at home with their parents by 2020.

With tuition fees set to triple next year, insurer LV predicts that undergraduates will increasingly opt for local unis. So students populations in big cities will plummet, and there will be a corresponding drop in property prices and rental costs.

The survey found that a fifth of full-time students live with Ma and Pa, with almost half feeling that this made it more difficult for them to become involved in the bustle of student life. The report predicts that fee increases will make for a 14% decline in the student populous by 2020.

However, unfashionable towns like Hull, which rarely attract the best undergraduates, may receive a boost, as the stay-at-home students unable to flee the nest until after university provide a boost to the local population.

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