An overview of hassle free payday loans

Hassle free payday loans help you weather the drier parts of the month when obligations are piling up and your salary seems light-years away. Payday loans are usually small as they serve to cover daily expenses until the day your salary arrives. In most cases, you are required to repay the loan with your next pay.

Who Offers Payday Loans?

There are companies that are dedicated to supplying payday loans. A number of them are Internet-based so all you need to do is log into their websites, fill an online form and you could be having your money within 24 hours. Quick Quid and Payday Loans UK are two such companies. Payday Power promises to give you up to £1,250 within one hour. Most of them also accommodate those with poor credit histories.


Proof of ability to repay is a given with virtually any loan and payday loans are no exception. You will need to avail copies of recent pay slips. Most payday loan companies will have a ceiling of £1,500 as the maximum they will lend you, though as seen above, the money could be availed to you the same day you apply. The minimum they are willing to lend is £50. On payday, ensure you have enough money to repay the loan in your account. This is because some payday companies automate the repayment such that your account is promptly debited with the loan amount plus interest, as soon as your salary is paid. Through hassle-free payday loans you can breathe easier in the tight corners of the month.

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