Have you got travel insurance?

Cabin crew at BA have opted to go on strike during the Easter period, potentially causing havoc across the nation as people rush to escape the royal wedding and go on their hols.

Trade Union Unite is yet to give details of specific dates, but it must happen in the next four weeks, and with a week’s notice of the date.

So, if you are travelling with BA, you really should take out travel insurance that covers you in case of a strike.

Bob Atkinson from travelsupermarket.com told Walletpop: ‘It is vital that all passengers have travel insurance that has a strike clause within it – and it is not too late to take out such a policy. You can still take out cover up until the union announces any specific dates of action. This will then cover you against any potential losses should your flight or travel plans be disrupted.’

To benefit from this, you need to take out the insurance before the strike is announced, and it only applies if your flight is cancelled because of strike action, not if you cancel it yourself.

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