The best high interest investments

The best high interest investments are usually associated with some kind of risk. If you are willing to take a gamble with your money, you have the chance of experiencing healthy returns. Of course, not all high interest investments are high risk and many will still offer a nice return if you take the right deal. Before investing any money you will need to decide what your ultimate goal for investment is, growth or income. Growth means you are looking to accumulate money from your investment, maybe as part of your retirement package or to put towards a large purchase. Income is an investment that pays you something, usually an interest return, on a regular basis such as monthly or annually.

The company Meteor offer one of the most competitive income deposit plans available on the market. This is one of the best high interest investments for income. This plan will keep your money tied up for 6-years, however it has a protected deposit guarantee meaning if it all went wrong for your investment the original amount you invested would be safe. This plan also offers the chance of earnings nearing 7.50% annually and 1.50% monthly. The minimum you need to invest in this plan is £10,000 and it is backed by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

If you are looking at high interest investments to add to your retirement portfolio the Investec Enhance Kickout Plan 1 is one of the best around at the moment. The plan offers a potential annual return of 10% for the first four years and the total term is five years. The minimum investment into this plan is £1,500. Because this plan is index-linked, to the FTSE, it is a capital-risk plan. This means there is a small risk that any money you make on the plan may be less than your original investment. You should seek advice from a reputable advisor before parting with any money in this type of investment.


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