Where to find high performance car insurance Ireland

Trying to snag the best possible deal on high performance Car Insurance in Ireland? If you are, then you'll probably have noticed the paucity of insurance providers willing to offer this product in Ireland - it's just not available out there!

All is not lost however: there is one site doing their utmost to provide cover for drivers of even the most exotic sports cars. That site is Quoteme.ie, who offer a range of different insurance products from Car Insurance, to Home Insurance, to Van Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance and even Business Insurance. In this blog we're going to focus on their insurance offers for Sports Cars.

Whether your car is a prestige model or simply has a powerful engine, Quote Me will provide a value quote for it in line with their other Car Insurance products. Their comprehensive quote application for lets you input the type of insurance you seek, and the length of time, and then the model of the car. They get back to you within minutes with a quote.

Their policies offer the usual perks you would expect from a Car Insurance provider, and they offer three levels of cover, ranging from Third Party to fully comprehensive.

They even look after specific needs like fleet insurance and commercial vehicle cover, so no matter what type of car, they'll offer a policy. They even have a specialist section for Young Drivers, which you can find at quoteme.ie/young-drivers.aspx. So give them a look today and get saving on your Car Insurance!

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