We check out the best high interest savings accounts in the UK

After working long and hard for your money, the last thing you want to do is to put it aside in an account that isn't working as hard for you as it should be. Unfortunately this is the case for many people across the United Kingdom these days, as it would appear that very few people seem to take the necessary care when deciding which bank to use for their savings.

While a quick glance at the various interest rates paid by the major banks and building societies shows that they are all pretty much the same, it's not until you start looking a little deeper until you see where the major differences lie. Due to the nature of the financial industry, there's no single solution that will suit everyone, and you'll need to put in the research yourself to find out which high interest savings accounts is the best one for the needs of both you and your family.

To help you make your choice, we have picked out what we believe to be some of the best offers available across the United Kingdom right now...

Barnsley Building Society offer a fixed rate cash ISA at 3.35% until 30th November 2013. With a minimum first deposit of just £100, it represents one of the most affordable solutions on the market. The very same deal can be had at the Chelsea Building Society,however they offer phone banking in addition to the internet and branch based service available from the Barnsley offer.

The best easy access account comes from Nationwide who offer an interest rate of 3.12%, however this account requires an initial deposit of £1,000, which may be out of reach of many people. You can check out more money saving advice at money.co.uk.

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