What are the Best High Street Savings Accounts?

It's the responsibility of every saver to get a return that exceeds the rate of inflation. Unless you achieve this goal, your money is falling in value in real terms. High street savings accounts may not be as attractive as they were a few years ago, but those who are prepared to put away their money for a period of time or make fewer withdrawals are able to enjoy a healthy return.

Nationwide MySave Online Savings Account

You can enjoy a return of 3.05% AER, including a 1.51% bonus, during the first 12 months. You'll need to invest a minimum of £1,000, but the upper limit is £3 million. One of the main benefits of this high interest savings account is that you can make one withdrawal a year without penalty.

Post Office Online Savers Account

You'll receive 3.01% AER, including a 1.36% bonus. Although this is one of the best high street savings accounts, you're able to make as many withdrawals as you like each year without penalty. The minimum investment is just £1, and interest is added to your account annually.

Coventry Poppy High Rate Savings Account

Despite the fact that you can open an account with £1, you'll receive 3.1 AER. This includes a 1.10% annual bonus, and the ability to make up to 4 penalty-free withdrawals annually. A donation of 0.05% of the total balances will go to Royal British Legion’s poppy appeal.

Finding the Best High Street Savings Accounts

If you're a loyal bank customer, don't expect your bank to offer you a high interest rate on your savings. Banks offer the highest rates to new customers, so it's down to you to search through the different deals when a special promotional deal comes to an end. Use a comparison site, such as moneysupermarket.com, to find the best savings account.

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