What is the High Yield Investment Program

Unfortunately, the high yield investment program is a well-thought out scam boasting a large amount of victims. The scammers usually start by making a website, this is to advertise their investment opportunity, which is described as the best investment ever. They will often list ridiculously high possible returns, such as 50% a month, in the effort to lure people in. Because the hard sell of this investment program is so sophisticated, people have already committed themselves before realising they do not even know where their money is invested or who manages their investment.

The idea behind the high yield investment program scam has actually been around for over a 100-years. However, with the birth of the digital age and social media, the scam has gone from small fry to global. Where as at one time scammers could only reach small groups of people, the birth of email, Twitter and Facebook means they can now lure in their victims from all over the world, without even leaving their living room.

When a person becomes a member of a high yield investment program, they are required to make monthly investments. Because of the grossly inflated returns the scammers hint at, the payments people make are usually much more than they can afford. As more people join, they may begin to see small returns but this is just to keep them compliant and hopeful the next return is the big one. The bulk of the money goes to the scammers, with a recent case seeing that amount hit the $100 million mark.

The high yield investment program scam is also known as the pyramid program and has been made illegal in most countries. However, this has not stopped variations on the scam from ripping off innocent investors in recent times.

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