Higher Education Grants For Those Who Want To Study Part Time

Are you looking to become a part time student because you cannot afford full time education? Want to know whether there are any grants you are entitled to? Most people who talk about University grants and loans tend to focus on full-time students, but part time students are also entitled to two different grants. One covers tuition fees and the other covers other course related costs such as travel, and textbook costs.

The fee grant is similar to the Tuition fee grant that full time students are entitled to. It covers tuition fee costs which are charged by Universities and Colleges to take part in higher education courses. How much of this grant you are entitled to depends on two things: household income and the intensity of the course. Like the grants given to full time students, higher education grants for students studying part time tend to be given to those with a low income. The intensity of a given course is determined by the time that it will take you to complete the course, in comparison to someone studying the same course but doing it full time. If the full time course takes three years to finish and studying it part time will take six years, then the course intensity is 50%.

The course grant helps to cover the cost of materials that may be needed on the course, for example, text books. It can also be used to cover the cost of travelling to and from the place where your course is studied. This grant, depends on household income.

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