We try to find the highest interest savings account in the United Kingdom

We are often asked what the highest interest savings account in the United Kingdom today is, however that's a question that can't be answered easily. While it might seem like it's just a case of looking at a chart and picking the solution with the highest AER, the fact of the matter is that there are a number of variables that must first be taken into consideration.

For example, just knowing the AER is not always enough in the current financial climate. Many banks and financial institutions are now offering special deals in order to try their best to entice new customers to use them for their savings. As part of these special deals, customers are given an additional bonus interest rate for a period that usually lasts for 12 months. Once that period has expired, the rate returns to the normal stated rate.

With this in mind, we have taken a look at a number of the highest rated savings accounts in the United Kingdom today. Nationwide has a particularly good deal, which offers 3.12% AER with an additional bonus of 1.58% for the first 12 months. However the one drawback to this account is the fact that you must start off with a balance of £1,000 - quite a hefty sum in this current economy.

A more affordable investment may be the Santander eSaver Issue 4 account which requires a starting sum of just £1. It pays 3.10% AER, with a 12 month bonus of 2.60% for all new customers. You'll also be able to make unlimited withdrawals without incurring any financial penalties, leaving you free to access your money in an emergency.

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