Find the highest interest instant access savings account in the UK

With interest rates at a miserly rate, even trying to keep up with inflation is nearly impossible. If you need instant access to your cash, it can be even harder. We looked for the highest interest savings account in the UK.

The savings market is in a constant state of flux, and you need to check regularly to get news of new accounts, changing interest rates, bonuses and special offers. A website like www.moneysupermarket.com can help keep you up to speed with developments.

The West Bromwich Building Society (www.westbrom.co.uk) offers brighter results than the football team, with an eye-catching 3.06% return on instant access savings with their online account. There's a minimum investment of £1000. Look closer and you'll see that this includes a 1.06% bonus for the first year. Not a problem, simply move your cash after that period and chase a bonus rate elsewhere.

The Nationwide Building Society (www.nationwide.co.uk) is that rare entity, a financial institution with a rosy reputation. Its MySave online account with a 3.05% interest rate is similar to the West Bromwich version, also including a bonus for the first year.

If you like its traditional branding, the Post Office is also keen to look after your money. They offer 3.01% on an Online Saver account, with a minimum investment of £1. Once the 1.36% bonus evaporates after the first year, the rate doesn't look quite as appealing.

Remember that these accounts are subject to change, and that other banks and building societies are likely to offer their own enticing interest rates to attract investors looking for the highest interest savings account in the UK. Remember to check the small print, especially if the headline rate seems too good to be true. It usually is.


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