Who are the Highway Insurance Group?

The Highway Insurance Group have been in business over 150-years and they pride themselves on offering a variety of insurance policies to enable people to look after and care for themselves and their loved ones. Their car insurance is vast and covers more than your average car insurance policies, including modified vehicles, commercial cars and imported vehicles in particular Japanese models.

The Highway Insurance Group will cover any vehicle with a value of up to £60,000 on their fully comprehensive insurance policies. Their third party, fire and theft is designed to cover vehicles with a value of £7,500 or less. Depending on the policy you choose, you could receive a courtesy car if yours is damaged or written off, until you are able to pay for a new vehicle of your own. They also offer accident transport cover, which means they will pay for you to be taken to a named destination in the event of an accident, along with up to 4 of your car's passengers.

Highway Insurance Group also offer an invaluable service called stolen key cover. If your car keys are stolen from your property or person, the insurance company will pay for a new key to be made, as well as funding the cost of a new lock for your car so you have full security. The group also offer European travel cover, if you need to take your car with you out of the country and into Europe. These services all depend on the level of cover you take out, so you will need to ask if you want a specific service adding to your policy agreement.





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