Don't forget your hol ins!

Whether you are planning a week's holiday in the sun or are planning on backpacking for a year you should never forget to purchase your hol ins before you go. Every year there are thousands of claims from holidaymakers in the UK and there are also thousands of people who have had an accident or been a victim of crime and have not had adequate holiday insurance to cover their costs.

Direct-travel.co.uk offer excellent value on all of their holiday insurance policies. They have a number of different policies to suit every kind of traveller.

  • Single Trip travel insurance offers great value for money. With rates from as little as £2.06 per trip it proves to be one of the best value policies available. Dependent children under 17 can be insured for free. Included in this policy is medical expenses up to £20 million. Also included is natural disaster cover for disruption caused by volcanoes, floods, earthquakes and much more.
  • Backpacker insurance is also excellent value for money with prices starting from as little as £40 per year. It is available to anybody under the age of 36 and is ideal for gap year holidays of adventure and discovery. With this policy you get free stopover cover and a return flight to the UK during your journey. You also get natural disaster cover with this policy.

There are other options available including annual insurance and ski insurance. For more details or to get a quote on any product, simply log onto direct-travel.co.uk

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