All you need to know about holiday home insurance

Holiday home insurance works in much the same way as your average home insurance policy. It is designed to protect your building against fire and other damages and your contents from damage and theft. However, because insurance companies know a holiday home is either empty for long periods or occupied by people other than yourselves, they class them as being at a greater risk of damage and theft. There is also the added hassle of possible legal action from one of your holiday home's tenants, which you are wise to cover yourself against.

Before purchasing a holiday home insurance policy it is absolutely vital you take the time to read the small print or ask your possible insurer questions. This is because many holiday home insurance policies have strict restrictions and terms, which means your policy could be rendered useless in an emergency. Most insurance companies for holiday homes specify in their small print that the home must not be left unoccupied for longer than 30-days. They may also require the property is inspected regularly, usually weekly.

Most holiday home insurance companies do not offer liability cover or accidental damage cover, so you need to be careful you know exactly what you're signing up too so you know you have adequate cover. You will also be asked to follow strict security measures, such as adequate locks on windows and doors. If you do not follow the rules laid out in your policy, you may find yourself financially responsible in the event of an emergency.

Of course, there are many holiday home insurance companies who will offer you insurance that fits your needs. Some of the larger companies will offer full cover when your home is unoccupied and full accidental and liability cover. However, this extensive cover is reflected in the price, with some of the basic insurance policies costing around £100 per month.

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