All your holiday insurance needs are in here!

If you are planning on taking a holiday any time soon you should ensure that you have adequate holiday insurance. Every year thousands of people go on holiday from the UK and don't have travel insurance and soon realise that a visit to the hospital in a foreign country can be very costly! Don't let yourself be one of the many people whose holidays have been ruined due to not having a holiday insurance policy.

With essentialtravel.co.uk you can be assured that if your holiday doesn't run smoothly that you are in safe hands. They have four different levels of cover available so no matter what your requirements are there is a policy to suit you.

With single trip travel insurance, you can be protected from as little as £3 per trip. This will offer you peace of mind so you can simply enjoy your break away. Single trip travel insurance gives you access to a 24-hour emergency assistance phone number. Any pre-existing medical conditions that you may have are also covered.

You can also choose to take out one of their other policies available. Annual travel insurance, backpackers insurance and ski insurance are also available for you at excellent prices. So, whether you are planning a once off holiday, you are travelling regularly or going on an adventure around the world, essentialtravel.co.uk have a policy to suit you!

To get a quote you can simply log onto their website, enter a few simple details and within minutes you could be covered. Check out essentialtravel.co.uk for more details!

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