Holiday makers get thrifty

Holidaymakers are thinking twice before splashing the cash abroad, according to a new survey.

The poll by M&S Money found that 17% of holidaymakers plan to spend less than last year, while 42% will fork out about the same, the poll by M&S Money found.

Those who are looking to spend less will be cutting spending by an average of £326, the poll found. Most blamed the rising cost of living for having to penny pinch. Of the 2011 adults polled, 44 percent said that eating out was what they would spend most money on, while 12 percent said that excursions would be their biggest expenditure.

Another survey, by Moneycorp, found that Brits take on average £451 with them to spend on a two-week vacation. That figure it claims represents a slump. Rupert Bedell, of Moneycorp, said: 'Disposable income for consumers is at a 10-year low and this has led to a smaller budget for many Brits going overseas.'

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