How to get cheap home contents insurance in Ireland

Trying to find home contents insurance in Ireland is not difficult; the hard part is finding cheap and affordable insurance. There are many companies that offer contents insurance and you will need to check each of them to find out which is the best option for you.

The best way to start is by checking a price comparison website; these sites are able to check almost all insurers and find the best deals available. Moneysupermarket.com is an excellent option when it comes to home contents insurance in Ireland. It’s very easy to start the search; all you have to do is enter details into an online form and then the website does everything for you.

Another website to go through is Confused.com. Like Moneysupermarket.com, this site will search many insurance providers and give you the best quote. The owners of Confused.com have a condition in their contracts so companies are not able to offer cheaper insurance if you go to them afterwards so you’re guaranteed to get the lowest price.

Comparethemarket.com is another popular price comparison website and is well known for the Compare the Meerkat advertisements. When you get your insurance through this website, you will be sent a toy meerkat as a thank you gift.

Using comparison websites will help you to save hundreds on your home contents insurance in Ireland and they will also help you save time. Check as many sites as you can since each one will charge the insurance providers a commission, which is usually added onto your total cost.

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