Getting Home Improvement Grants From Your Local Home Improvement Agency

Home improvement agencies are non-profit organisations, and specialize in helping the community maintain, adapt or repair their homes. It is thought there are well over 200 home improvement agencies in England, with around 85% of residents having access to multiple home improvement grants. They are also known as "Staying Put" and "Care and Repair"schemes.

Home improvement grants fund a wide variety of home-related things including helping make a home more energy-efficient, paying for a handyman to complete gardening duties and general help with day-to-day jobs.The agency also offers an advisory service, which is open to everyone regardless of financial or employment status. This service provides lists of reputable work men in the local area, benefits advice and potential alternative housing options.

There is some cost involved with home improvement grants through a home improvement agency. While the first visit is usually free, many improvement agencies will charge for the work if you decide to have it done through them. However, whatever you pay will always be cheaper than a high street work man charges and if you do qualify for one of the home improvement grants you will receive all your money back.

Home improvement agencies are government-backed and have to follow strict rules and regulations in order to keep that approval. For example, no work will be carried out until you have been made fully aware of what, if any, work you are paying for and what may be covered by a successful grant application. More information on home improvement grants can be found on your local Home Improvement Agency website as well as the government's benefits website. There is also a free phone number you can call if you would prefer to talk to a person about your grant options.

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