Why it is important to have home insurance

A home insurance policy is designed to protect your personal belongings in the event they are not just stolen but lost or damaged too.

Being a victim of burglary is destroying and to then find the money to replace the essential items that were stolen, just adds to a person's misery. Of course,many items that are stolen are not so easily replaced such as keepsakes and sentimental items. While a home insurance policy can not help take away how a burglary makes you feel, or replace items that held sentimental value, it can help replace the essential items. These will help get you back on track and at least start to help you get your house back to some normality.

When looking around for a suitable home insurance policy, it is important you make sure your home is as protected as possible. This involves securing windows and doors with the appropriate locks, having a professional burglar alarm fitted and joining a neighbourhood-watch scheme in your area, if you have one. Not only will this reduce your chances of being burgled, it will also bring down the cost of your home insurance premiums.

Home insurance can also cover rebuild costs if you were to lose your home to a man-made disaster such as fire or a natural disaster such as flooding. This is known as home buildings insurance and it is separate altogether to contents insurance. It is important you have building insurance because if your home was gutted or needed to be demolished after a disaster, you would foot all costs as well as the cost of building another home from scratch. Many people under-estimate the importance of home insurance until it is too late.

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