Get the best home insurance price with comparison sites in Ireland

If it's time for your home insurance renewal and you're unsure as to what company you'd like to go with this time around, there are plenty of options you could look at thanks to the wide range of home insurance comparison sites in Ireland these days. However, just like home insurance policies themselves, not all of these sites are what they seem, and some are quite obviously a lot better than others.

There are two main types of insurance comparison sites to look out for. The first acts as an online insurance broker. It is their aim to sell you insurance using their services in order to make themselves some money. That's perfectly fine, there's nothing nefarious or underhanded about that, and they're always extremely open about it. In many cases these are a great option for the consumer, because they'll put in the hard graft in order to secure your custom.

The second type of site is purely comparison based. They'll simply provide an aggregated overview of the current market prices roughly matched to your requirements. While these are certainly great for a quick reference, they fall down quite a bit when it comes time to actually buy your insurance, and often you'll find discrepancies between the quotes you found on these websites and the actual quotes being offered by insurance companies. For this reason alone we're not going focus on these kind of sites today.

Insure.ie offers the first kind of service we mentioned. It is their job to find you the best quotes available so that you'll spend your money through them. Being aligned to most of the major insurance companies in Ireland means that they can deliver the best prices at any given time, regardless of your circumstances or requirements. With home insurance they offer not only the most up to date quotes on the market, but also a handy guide which explains the various types of cover, and what exactly you should be looking for, while pointing out some pitfalls and explaining that not every insurance policy is the same.

Check them out today at www.insure.ie before renewing with your current insurance company - you could save yourself a pretty penny.

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