Where to find the best home insurance deals

Home insurance premiums may seem very pricey at a first glance. However, there are numerous ways to get a better quota. These days, insurance comparison websites can do all the hard work for you. Here are some of the websites you can check for getting the best home insurance deals.

MoneySupermarket.com should be one of your first stops when looking for home insurance bargains. Here you can compare premiums from over 75 companies, including Llyods TSB, Halifax, Esure and Swinton. The website offers several useful tools, such as a home insurance guide, a contents calculator and specialist home insurance advice. You can get a quick quote online by simply filling out a form. You will need to enter some details about your property and its security as well as some personal details and you will have a quote in a few minutes.

A similar website is confused.com, where you can also compare home insurance quotas and save several hundred pounds a year. The website compares offers from 69 providers and you can choose from contents insurance, buildings insurance, landlord insurance and holiday home insurance. The site has a useful section of insurance guides, where you can learn more about how to save on your home insurance premiums.

Finally, you can choose to compare offers with myinsurancedeals.co.uk. On this website, you can take advantage of some great online discounts, such as 20% off on the M&S Home Insurance or 16% off on the Co-Op Home Insurance. Besides getting a good quote, online discounts are a good way to save even more on your home insurance.

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