Home Loan Rate in the UK

The best option to own or refurbish your home is to secure a mortgage loan; however with several home loans available, you may be confused which of them offer the best terms. Although there are many factors to consider, home loan rate is the most important.

In the United Kingdom, there are providers to assist you find the type of housing loan suited to your situations and specific needs. You can compare home loan rates and choose the one which meets your capability.

Banco Santander, established 1857 in Spain, is one of the five largest world banks by profit. Their best home loan rate offer is the 10-year fixed mortgage rate that charges the same rate for 10 years no matter what happens to the Bank of England base rate. Percentages of loan are between 60% to 70% but overall rates can only be around 5% interest for the whole term. Please check http://www.mortgagerates.org.uk/mortgages/10-year-fixed.html.

Barclays PLC with headquarter in London, UK, is a global bank and the 10th largest of the banking and services groups. Their best home loan rate is the fixed rate service where you can get a loan for a term from one to five years at an interest rate of 2.78 to 3.30% per annum. You can also inquire about their Woolwich mortgages with a two-year fixed mortgage from 2.68 to3.49%. Use their calculator to compute home loan rates. Check http://www.barclays.co.uk/Mortgages/Fixedratemortgages/P1242557963470.

Halifax is a Bank of Scotland and a subsidiary of the Lloyds Banking group. It is UK’s largest provider of residential mortgages and savings accounts. This bank gives the lowest fixed home loan rate. For a two-year term, it charges 2.79%. For more information, check http://www.halifax.co.uk/mortgages/offers/mortgages_campaign.asp.

Nationwide HomeLoans Ltd., a subsidiary of Countrywide Banking Corporation Ltd. (owned by the Bank of Scotland) has given residential mortgages valued for approximately $200 million. Their best home loan rate offer is the adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) with low home loan rate that helps support your financial needs. Interest rates on home loans are lower than other mortgage offerings. Check http://www.nationwide.com/bank-adjustable-rate-mortgages.jsp.

Sainsbury Finance is a joint undertaking with the Lloyds Banking Group. Sainsbury has housing loans up to £100,000 payable within a period of 25 years with 14.335 APR typical variable. Their best home loan rate deal is the Lending Wizard which helps you find the best loan that’s right for you. For more details, check: http://www.sainsburysbank.co.uk/borrowing/bor_loans_25k_loa_dive.html.

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