Make your home more eco friendly

An eco friendly house not only allows you to conserve energy, it also guarantees a higher selling price over conventional homes, if ever you decide to sell it. A green home can have a 20% higher selling price than a conventional one. Here are some tips on how to keep your home more eco friendly.

Tips on how to keep your home eco friendlyInstall skylights. Instead of relying on light bulbs all the time, use skylights instead, which illuminate your house for free.

Skylights allow you to conserve energy, which consequently help you save as well.

Change your light bulbs. Use energy-saving or low-wattage light bulbs for your home. These bulbs may be more expensive than ordinary ones, but they use less electricity and last much longer, so you'll soon regain the extra outlay.Install solar panels. Energy from the sun is much more conducive to your home and a lot cleaner for the environment.

Although installing solar panels may cost you several thousand bucks, these can provide your house a considerable amount of energy, which can be used in various ways and be stored as well.Put plants inside your house. Plants not only brighten your house but also provide fresh air and good energy. One plant in every room is what home stagers suggest.

Install thermostats. Thermostats will regulate the heat of your home to make sure that you don't use more energy than you need to reach an optimum temperature.

Use green cleaners. Only use environment friendly products for cleaning your home. Eco friendly, citrus-based cleaners are recommended, as they don't leave unpleasant chemical odour that traditional cleaners do. With green cleaners, your home becomes less polluted and healthier to live in.

Improve your insulation. Better insulation means that you'll need to use less energy to stay warm.

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