Can Disabled Facilities Be Financed By Home Owner Grants?

Grants for home owners can be used for a variety of purposes including giving disabled people more freedom of movement within their own home. Know someone who is disabled and needs help financing the changes they need to make to their newly purchased home? Know someone who has recently become disabled and needs to change their existing home to help them cope better? Home owner grants are here to help.

The amount that is awarded is normally based on financial assessments. However, if the disabled person is under the age of 19, the grant is not means tested. For those above the age of 19, the grant will be based on average weekly income and expenditure. Benefits claimed are generally ignored and so is the first £6000 of any savings.

Grants can provide home owners with a way to financially afford the essential installation of features that make houses accessible to disabled people. Grants for home owners can acceptably be used for tasks such as installing ramps and widening door frames so that wheelchairs can fit through them with ease, improving access to certain rooms in the house, e.g. the installation of a stair lift, creating a bathroom downstairs, and changing the lighting or heating system so that it is within easier reach.

It depends on individual circumstances as to which facilities a person will need and what grants will cover them for. Occupational therapists will assess circumstances and recommend the type of changes that will need to be made and influence what the money from the grant is used for.

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