Home Renovation Grants from the Government

Most home renovation grants are provided by the government or, more directly, local authorities. You'll only be able to receive a grant if your local authority is running a scheme, or unless you fit into other grant categories which are regional.

Home renovation grants are normally given to homeowners or private tenants. If you have a home provided by the government (a council owned property) then you can also receive home renovation grants, but the work carried out is more likely to be done by a government official anyway. In some circumstances, grants are more widely available to council property tenants.

Disabled Facilities Grant

If you require changes made to your home because of a disability, or because someone you are living with (or moved in) has a disability, you could apply for a disability grant to cover the costs of renovation. You don't have to be on any form of benefit to receive this grant but your income and savings will effect how much you can receive.


Local Authority Schemes

Home renovation grants may be available from local authorities, especially if you are a council tenant or have been living in the same area for a good number of years. Local authority grants don't always run throughout the year and the criteria could be different for each scheme it runs, but you should always check with them anyway to make sure you don't miss out on any potential funding for your renovation.


Home Improvement Agencies

Home Improvement Agencies can offer advice on adapting, maintaining, repairing and obtaining home renovation grants. They can also issue a review of housing options available to you, if you can't find the funds for a renovation. You can find your local Home Improvement Agency by contacting Foundations on 01457 891 909.

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