Patch it up with home repair grants

When the cost of repairing your home begin to mount up, it's time to look around for some help. Don't expect miracles, but it might be possible to apply for one of the local government's home repair grants.

To get an idea of what is possible, take a  look at the Home and Community pages at www.direct.gov.uk, where they offer information and application links for home improvement and maintenance grants.

You have to apply to your local authority for this kind of assistance. Depending on their particular budgets and discretionary powers, you may be able to claim a grant for all kinds on necessary repairs and adaptations.

Financial assistance may come in the form of home repair grants, low-interest loans or equity release schemes. Depending on your local authority, there may be conditions attached.

Disabled people should look into the possibility of obtaining Disabled Facilities Grants, which could finance necessary home additions like stair lifts and support bars, so you can continue to live independently. The amounts paid in home repair and improvement grants are evaluated with regard to circumstances, income and savings.

With energy bills multiplying alarmingly, there is considerable advantage to be gained from making energy-saving improvements and repairs to your home. Check on the www.energysavingtrust.org website for advice and application procedures.

Grants are provided by the Government, energy suppliers and local authorities to help you make energy-saving improvements to boilers, heating, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. Alongside home repairs grants, these can finance a substantial makeover for your home.



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