Homes under the hammer

House prices have fallen, risen and are falling again. But the real problem here for buyers and sellers is the number of properties being sold.

Transactions are down by 50% from 2007, according to figures from the Land Registry. Rightmove website showed that there was an average of 9,150 new homes listed for sale - almost half the 17,000 average seen before the recession hit.

But what of auctions? The auction room is not only the fare of bargain home buyers - it can provide good deals for both the residential buyer or seller.

If you’re buying a home, you’ll be able to find properties that are priced to sell, and sellers who price their property well may benefit from a healthy competition increasing its value.

David Sandeman, a specialist at the Essential Information Group (EIG), said: 'Against a backdrop of continuing economic difficulties, and a slow property market generally, the auction market has fared relatively well over the last four years, and recently has shown some signs of tentative recovery.'

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