Honesty the best policy

Engineers are an honest bunch generally speaking. And none more so than one employee who opened his wage packet to find that his bosses had mistakenly paid him to the tune of 1000 times his normal salary.

Red faced bosses at Alcoa Howmet in Devon admitted that an error had been made and a ‘significant’ sum had been paid out last week by mistake.

But the unnamed turbine-making man, instead of jetting off to Rio, immediately told his bosses he’d return the sum.

Alcoa spokesperson Jasper Van Zon was cagey about the exact amount of money involved.

He said: ‘The amount of money is a matter between us and the employee. I can say the sum of money involved was a significant amount.

‘We are very happy that the employee acted so quickly, that the person acted in such an honest way. It showed a lot of integrity.

‘It's a very good thing to see when an employee reports this kind of mistake so quickly. It is a good example of the quality of people we have at our company.’

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