Home appliance cover, is it more than glorified Hoover insurance?

So, you've kitted out your home with all the latest and greatest in the home appliance world when the subject of home appliance insurance crops up. Are you one of those who believe that everything should be insured, or do you find yourself in the camp who believes that the manufacturer warranty should be more than enough to cover your equipment for a reasonable time?

It's a tough call to make, and there are certainly plenty of reasons to find yourself on either side of the argument, but just how important could home appliance insurance be for you in the long run?

A common misconception is that in order to take out home appliance insurance you must insure all the appliances in your house. This simply isn't the case. In fact, you would be hard pushed to find such a policy for a reasonable premium from any insurance company.

The average home appliance insurance will allow you to cover any three items in your home, usually the three most expensive ones, for a reasonable monthly fee.

While your manufacturer warranty does provide you with some cover, it's not quite as useful as a dedicated coverage policy. For example, they tend not to offer features like home call out from registered repair men, instead you may need to haul it all the way back to the point of purchase, or they may not cover against certain types of damage, leaving you high and dry in the event of a failure.

Since home appliance insurance can be gotten for as little as £7 per month for any three items in your home (remember, it's not limited to washing machines or tumble driers, you can insure your big screen TV or expensive Blu-Ray system too) and offers cover for call out fees, repair bills, parts and labour and returns, plus the ultimate offer of a replacement should your original find itself beyond reasonably priced repair.

So maybe next time you'll have a little think about it rather than simply writing it off as glorified hoover insurance!

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