Horse insurance from NFU Mutual

Horse insurance from NFU Mutual - an established insurance, investments and pension provider - is individually tailored to each customer. There's no standard price quote available from their website as you have to fill in a short application form to receive a call back from one of their representatives. However, they do list some of the benefits for their horse insurance policy, including additional insurance products that may be useful.

Horse Insurance from NFU: Key Features

NFU offers a comprehensive horse insurance policy. The actual policy you receive will depend on the information you provide and the plan NFU present to you, but you can expect to receive:

  • Up to £5,000 per accident in vet fees with a standard excess of £145.
  • Standard liability cover up to £2.5 million with a possible increase of £10 million.
  • Animal death or lost cover.
  • Specialist legal advice service.
  • 24 hour rescue service.
  • Local branches across the UK.

For most policies to apply your horse must be between 30 days to 15 years old. Other regulations may apply to receive all benefits, such as how long you've had the cover. However, horse insurance from NFU Mutual also comes with recommended products should you need them (through separate policies).

Horse Box Insurance from NFU

With a specialist horse box road rescue service and emergency transport (including stable fees up to £15 per night), horse box insurance is a great addition to any horse insurance policy from NFU. Contents of the horse box can also be insured on an NFU policy.

Horse Rider Insurance

Riders from 5 to 70 can benefit from personal liability cover up to £2.5 million, whether you ride occasionally or regularly. Again, the general specifics of horse rider insurance from NFU will depend entirely on the information you give to the company and what sort of individual plan they can offer. If you want the best quote, go direct to NFU Mutual or visit one of their local branches to discuss your insurance needs.

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