Hot bargain

British Gas is offering a £400 discount for anyone who wants to trade in their boiler for a more efficient one.

But if that offer sounds piping hot to you, better get your skates on as you’ve only got a month to apply.

It’s part of a British gas initiative to replace ‘G-rated’ boilers in the home with more efficient, ‘A-rated’ ones.

To find out if your boiler qualifies, check whether it has a pilot light that’s always fired. The odds are, if it’s 15 years old or more and oil fired, it will qualify. You don’t have to be a British gas customer to take advantage of the offer, nor do you have to sign up for anything.

The new models are more efficient and should lower your bills. But with prices for them starting from £2,000, including installation, it’s likely to take years before you see those savings.

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