Government House Grants to Help With Repairs and Adaptations

Local government and authorities are trying to help homeowners all over the UK by providing discretionary payments in the form of house grants. If your home is in dire need of repairs or you or a member of your family is disabled it is possible you can qualify for several house grants, funded by the government. These grants are to help towards the cost of making essential repairs to your property or to pay for urgent adaptations to your home to help a disabled person live more independently.

Who qualifies for these house grants is completely up to the local council or authority in the area you live.Local authorities and councils have the freedom to decide who they think will benefit the most from the house grants. For example, a severely disabled person will take precedence over another disabled person if their needs are not considered as complex. If you are initially turned down for a grant it is not to say you will not receive one in the future, so it is always worth reapplying if your needs do not change.

The house grants come in a number of different forms, including equity release schemes and loans. Some do not have to paid back and for those that do have to be repaid; the loan is interest free so you only back the amount you have borrowed. There is a chance your local council or authority will refuse your application but they may decide to offer you help in another way. For example, if they deem your home as unlivable they are unlikely to waste a house grant attempting to repair it. Instead, they can offer funds to cover the cost of your move to a more suitable accommodation. This is also the case if a disabled person is thought to be living in accommodation unsuitable for their disabilities.

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