House insurance comparison tips

House insurance comparison sites are great for quickly searching for a good deal, but they only provide the most basic information and you could receive a more expensive quote than the site originally told you. For example, companies that offer excellent tailored packages to meet individual needs may, on average, be more expensive than a provider who offers standard cover that barely meets your requirements. You need to know exactly what you want out for your house insurance first and dig a little deeper before applying.


Making your own calculations.

One of the best steps before using house insurance comparison sites is trying to decipher how much you should be spending. Try, if you can, to calculate how much your insurance will cost. For example, you could calculate the overall value of the contents in your home so you know exactly what level of cover you need. Think about other factors that may affect your insurance as well - do you need flexible cover in case anything changes, a lower rate, or a comprehensive cover for your buildings and contents? If you have the basics down for what you need you'll be able to pinpoint providers who can offer a better deal for you.


Ask around.

Price comparison sites really are great, but, as we've already said, no always accurate. Ask other people, such as family and friends, what they pay for their insurance based on your calculations from the previous step. Try and get a few prices if you can to come up with an average.


Use price comparison websites, but check the policy yourself.

Remember, cheap isn't always better. When using house insurance comparison sites use this as a guide only and check out individual policies thoroughly beforehand - don't settle for the cheapest. Contact the company directly to receive an accurate quote and use customer reviews to find out exactly how well the company treats its customers and if their claims are true.


Look at companies not on price comparison websites.

The reason some company's aren't on house insurance comparison sites is because they individually quote each customer. This doesn't mean their more expensive and you should definitely try contacting these companies as well. Direct Line is one insurer who offer excellent rates but aren't on comparison sites.

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