Get the cheapest Cork house insurance possible!

In these financially restricted days, it's massively important to extract every last bit of value out of your purchases as possible, and that includes your house insurance. Companies are scrambling for your money, so you won't have to scrimp on features if you go cheap.

There are a host of companies offering Cork house insurance, and unlike your friends in Dublin, you won't have to shell out unreasonably for the privilege. The Irish insurance market is full of competition. Major companies such as RSA, Chartis, Quinn Direct, Aviva, Zurich, Allianz, FBD, AXA, and Getcover all offer their services for Home Insurance, so lets see which of them offer the best deal.

Ireland's Financial Regulator carried out a comparison survey of Home Insurance prices in December 2009 to find out which companies offered the best value. Prices were obtained for four different properties around the country, including an apartment, three bedroom semi, two bedroom terraced house and four bedroom detached farmhouse.

Surprisingly, newcomer Getcover.com proved to be the cheapest on the market overall, as they finished tops for the three bedroom semi, and in the top three on the other properties.

Axa and Quinn Direct both proved relatively expensive for the different properties in the survey, with Axa looking for 693 Euro to insure a property in Dublin for one year.

Another thing the survey showed was that consumers can save up to 145 Euro per year just by shopping around and comparing quotes, so don't settle on the first one offered.


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