What are your choices when applying for house Insurance online?

If you want to apply for house insurance online, you have made the right decision. Most websites tend to offer discounts for online applications. Rates tend to be cheaper, and you will definitely have an easier time as well comparing different insurance policies.


If it is your first-ever home insurance, the company is willing to give you 25% off on your home insurance and another 25% off if you complete your transaction online.

There are basically two types of home insurance you can apply for: the standard policy and their Home Insurance Plus policy. You get unlimited coverage for buildings with HI Plus and a maximum of 1,000,000 GBP with the standard. The HI Plus policy also includes coverage for accidental damage, family legal protection and annual travel insurance – all of which are not available with the standard policy.


This company has another way of encouraging customers to choose them. This time, it offers a 50 GBP cash-back reward if you sign up for contents and buildings policies.


Depending on your eligibility, there is a good chance that you can enjoy a maximum of free contents coverage for a maximum amount of 75,000 GBP. If you purchase the company’s buildings and content insurance, however, you get to save a maximum of 136 GBP.


This company boasts of having 10% of its customers paying only 151 GBP for home insurance. And if you pay for your house insurance online, you will also get to save up to 20% off.

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