House insurance UK

House insurance protects you financially from damage done to your house. This can include damage from thunderstorms, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires and any other sort of natural disaster. It also can protect you financially against crimes such as arson, theft or burglary. Every home owner in the UK should have home insurance, as it offers you security and protection against unforeseen events. Without it, you are risking everything in that house and your own property.

The United Kingdom has a wide range of insurance companies that fiercely compete with competing companies for business from home buyers. Listed here are some of the top house insurance providers in the UK.

Direct Line home insurance has been rated as one of the top home insurance providers in all of the United Kingdom. If you purchase home insurance from Direct Line, and do not make a claim for five years, you can receive up to a 25% discount. Depending on the type of home insurance you buy, Direct Line covers up to £175,000 for contents inside a home and covers up to an unlimited amount of damages done to the property.

Regal home insurance covers up to £1.5 in damages done to a property and £500,000 for damage done to contents within the property. Regal offers a range of home insurance products and has multiple ways for home owners to obtain discounts on their house insurance.

Nationwide is another top home insurance provider in the UK; Nationwide offers unlimited coverage to property damage as well as for the property itself. Special purchases can get several months free coverage.

Other top home insurance providers include Esure home insurance, SAGA and Virgin.

Remember to use any discounts you have and to ask about how to get house insurance discounts in the UK. If you do not make any claims for several years, you should be eligible for insurance discounts.

Remember to do price comparisons and home insurance product comparisons between a variety of different companies before making your final decision on a home insurance company.




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