Your Guide to House Repair Grants

Most of the house repair grants are designed to help the elderly and disabled make the necessary adaptations to their home to keep their independence. This allows people who may have had to go in to a care environment, stay in their own home.

Who ultimately receives one of the many house repair grants available is up to the local authority. They are given the discretionary powers to decide who gets help such as adaptations, improvements and repairs. There is also a grant for items such as walk-in showers and stair lifts.

In order for a person to apply for these grants they must provide proof of their income, whether that is from benefits or employment. The local authority will also ask about any savings the person has, as this will affect the level of grant if awarded. For people who do not qualify for help from one of the government house repair grants, there are still options open for them.

Home improvement agencies such as "Care and Repair" and "StayPut" will offer advice and support on how to best go about making the necessary repairs to your home. This may include applying for a government-assisted loan or looking in to releasing capital from your home, if you are a homeowner.

The Home Improvement Trust also offer house repair grants by way of a low-cost loan. However, the borrowing criterion is strict and not every application is successful. You can find information for the trust as well as all home-related grants on the government's website or via their helpline if you would prefer to talk to someone about your possible claim.

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