How car insurance prices differ by postcode?

Many people find car insurance difficult to understand. Terms and conditions are often vague with a huge amount of small print. In addition, the car insurance system in the UK is much more complicated (and expensive!) than in other countries.

One commonly asked question is how car insurance prices differ by postcode. There are several good websites (including carinsuranceexplained.com and motorinsuranceuk.co.uk) that have a car insurance postcode risk list which shows whether a particular postcode is considered high risk or low risk.

Risk levels are based on crime and claim statistics. This means that even the safest driver can expect to spend more on their insurance if they live in a high risk area.

Many drivers get a nasty shock when moving homes. Car insurance can increase dramatically after a move - even if you are moving within the same postcode area. So even if you are moving to a low risk area, be sure to get a quote to ensure your policy doesn’t increase significantly. If it does, it may be worth switching insurer.

The good news is that there are a few ways to reduce your car insurance premiums.

Firstly shop around. Phone different insurance companies and use comparison sites to find the best possible deal.

Don’t over-estimate your annual mileage. Your insurance increases when you drive more, so take note of your mileage between MOTs and check that your estimated is close to your actual mileage.

Finally when you find a quote that you are happy with, don’t be afraid to phone and try to get it reduced further. Insurers are often willing to offer a small discount if you're a good bargainer.

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