We try to find out how much is 22 carat gold worth?

Are you thinking of making a quick buck by selling your old gold? In these recessionary times, selling your old wares on the likes of eBay is becoming more and more popular, which is leading more people to the possibilities of selling their gold for money.

While it's obviously a good idea to sell, it's important to arm yourself with the knowledge of knowing how much is 22 carat gold worth, as it will help you avoid getting ripped off by any unscrupulous Gold Resellers out to make a killing. So lets try and value your gold.

Finding out the price of gold is quite easy as there are literally hundreds of sites online that will give you the up to date prices on gold per gram and carat (The quality of the gold). At the time of writing, 22 carat gold is valued at £23.54 per gram, with 24 Carat gold valued at £25.68 per gram. For up to date current prices of gold per gram and carat, you can check out the following link - http://www.scrap-gold-buyers.co.uk/212/Scrap_Gold_Prices.html.

Knowing the price per gram is only half the battle though. You also have to establish what carat your gold is. You can do this by checking the Hallmark on your gold. The Hallmark is an indentation left somewhere on the gold that shows the quality. It is a number, that rises depending on the quality of the gold. To give an example, 24 carat gold's Hallmark is 999, while the Hallmark on 22 Carat gold is 916.

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