We find out how much 9-carat gold is worth

If, like many people, you're struggling to make ends meet with the current economic downturn, then perhaps you've seen some of the adverts on TV or in your local newspapers offering to buy your unwanted gold jewellery or fashion accessories from you for top prices.

It does seem to be an interesting proposition; after all, you never use it and it's only going to waste if you keep it locked away in a jewellery box never to see the light of day. But the real question is how much is it actually worth?

There are many resources online for you to check the current value of various qualities of gold. Known as the "scrap gold" market, this section of the industry is booming in recent times, and as the price of gold continues to rise on the stock markets now is probably the best time to sell. So just how much is 9 carat gold worth?

According to the website Scrap-Gold-Buyers.co.uk, you can get £10.26 per gram of 9 carat scrap gold. This is up almost £4 since the same time in 2009, giving you an indication of just how much the demand for gold has risen in a short time.

It's worth mentioning to you that just because your ring weighs 10 grams, for example, it doesn't mean that that figure equates to 10 grams of 9 carat gold. The way gold is measured is by percentage. A 9 carat gold ring means that 35.5% of the ring is made up of gold, and the rest is comprised of other metals.

So using this example, your 10 gram ring has 3.55 grams of gold, making it worth a total of £36.42 at the current scrap gold rate. In reality, this isn't a particularly high figure, and you are very likely to receive much more for the ring if you were to sell it on privately, however we do appreciate that this is not always possible, so ultimately it comes down to how badly you need the money.

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