How much is gold today?

Gold has long been used by man as a method of showing and storing wealth. Gold benefits from being rare and beautiful and also quite useful with uses as diverse as electronics and jewellery, however its gold's use as currency that has seen its price rise to the record highs of late 2011.

Fears over governments stability, quantitative easing and inflation has seen a mass migration of investors money from currencies like sterling or the dollar into the gold market.

The price of gold is determined by the trading value in the New York, London and Tokyo commodity exchanges. As trading happens around the clock on three different continents it is in constant flux. In order to to find out how much is gold today we advise using goldprice.org/ as it provides real time updates of the current gold price.

Goldprice.org also contains historic information for gold prices in addition to charts and graphs enabling users to put together unrivaled statistical analysis. This kind of information can be used to guide investments or to help decide when to buy or sell your gold commodities.

The website also provides information on how to buy into gold, options include gold bullion, gold certificates and even sovereign gold coins.

How much is gold today?

While some experts are predicting that gold has entered into an inflationary bubble even more are predicting that gold will rise to over £2500 per troy ounce. Our final piece of advise is to be aware that you investment in gold can fall as well as rise so pay careful attention to the markets.

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