How not to pay TV license legally

There’s a loophole in the law that allows TV viewers to get away without paying the TV licence. It’s not something that’s widely understood as everyone’s scared of being fined for not paying, but we’ll tell you how not to pay your TV license legally.
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Save money

The following will save you the £145.50 we all have to pay for the television licence. Nowadays we don’t limit our consume of TV to a TV set in our living rooms. We watch on our smartphones and through our laptops and tablets, and it’s this that’s given rise to the loophole. Catch-up services like the BBC’s iPlayerand 4oD allow us to watch shows after they’ve been broadcast at a time that suits us. All you really need to get these shows at no cost whatsoever is a unlimited data broadband package.

Changes to the regulations

There is talk of changes to be made to the regulations but for now this loophole exists because right now you don’t need a licence to watch catch-up shows online. That content is licence-free. There are two rules that basically govern the licence. The first is that you need a licence if you watch live programmes. The second rule basically cements this because you can’t record a live show without paying for the licence.

What you need

The tech you need to be able to use your TV to show catch-up programmes is either a TV set with built in internet capability or a set-top box that does the same job. The cheapest way of course is to get a box. You can buy boxes from well-known brands like Apple, Sony and Roku, and you’ll only need something like £100 to get your hands on one. That’s less than the annual TV licence.

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