How the rich people invest their money

It’s very true that those with money know how to make money. Sometimes they do this almost by accident as an expensive item goes up in value or a property they bought without too much thought becomes worth way more than they paid for it. But where do the rich people put their money when they want to make an investment?


Poor folks put their cash into stuff like ISAs or high-interest savings accounts. They need access to their cash but want it to mature with interest too. That’s not the case with the rich. They can put their money into longer term and higher risk propositions.

Classic cars

To most of us there are only new cars and old cars. Old cars have problems and new cars come with high monthly charges. To the rich, there are also classic cars. This is a way for someone with cash to make an investment and enjoy the investment. The other reason the rich put their cash into classics is that they’re not liable for capital gains tax.


Wine that has a lifespan of 50 years or less is also not liable for capital gains tax, but as with classic cars the rich make money from investing in them.

Jewellery, paintings, stamps and coins

Stuff like paintings and other objects of art are liable for capital gains tax if they’re sold for more than £6,000. Therefore these are items that the rich invest in and hold onto. Stamps and coins that are very valuable are also subject to this tax if sold for more than £6,000. These items though are very difficult to value.

Investing in start-up businesses

Making short term investments in new businesses that yield high returns is another way that the rich invest their cash. Lending to a business that really needs the cash and has nowhere to go often leads to double-digit interest rates.

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