Want to find out how to become wealthy? Read on

So, you have decided that you would like to know how to become wealthy? Join the club! It's a dream that we all have, and yet very few of us every seem to manage it. Obviously there are different definitions of wealthy, but for the purposes of this article, we're going to take it as meaning having the ability to life your life however you want without needing to worry about finances.

The question that many people have is how come so many fat cats have figured out how to become wealthy but us regular Joes are still struggling to make ends meet come the end of the month? Well, the real secret to making money is having money. It might seem like a catch 22 situation, but that's just how the financial world works these days.

Before you can focus on building up your wealth, you're going to need an initial sum of money to work with. That's the real secret. Finding this initial money is often the toughest part of making money, and it's the part that we can't really offer all that much advice on. You could simply try saving for a few years to build up a lump sum, or you could get some friends on board so that you all bunch your savings together in order to invest it wisely down the road.

When it comes to making the investments you need to make you money, we recommend speaking to a proven financial advisor. You can find these at your local banks or building societies, however you might want to look towards someone a little bit more specialised instead.

You'll then have the choice of making investments in companies, stocks or products, buying bonds or taking a look at other options. Things like the housing market can be quite tricky to predict, so we advise you avoid that. Instead, you should look towards more stable markets, such as gold, where you'll be able to increase your investment steadily over time.

Once you have hit a certain amount of money, we recommend pulling out your initial investment capital to look at other markets, while the money your investment earned will continue to earn you money.

That's the trick that the more successful investors use to make money safely. If, after pulling out your initial investment, stock prices drop, you aren't risking your own money, only the money you earned with it.

While there's certainly no sure fire answer on how to become wealthy, if you follow these tips you'll certainly have a better chance than most!

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