How to break a contract with a gym

Gym membership is fairly expensive. If you’ve agreed to a month by month contract, you’ll have the flexibility to leave with a short notice period but you’ll pay more than if you’d committed to the full year. But what do you do if you commit to a long term deal and need to break it? We’ll tell you how to break a contract with a gym without paying a hefty cancellation fee.

The Office of Fair Trading

The Office of Fair Trading has already come to your aid by cracking down on “unfair contract terms”. Some gyms however continue to contract their users to terms and conditions that are not equitable. If you believe that’s the case with your gym, what rights do you have?

Terms and conditions

You’ll need to read your contract’s terms and conditions before you approach the gym. The contract will have details within it of how to cancel your contract. These terms have been signed up to so you will have to adhere to them. If your circumstances have changed, such as a move away from the area or an illness that stops you attending any gym, you should speak to the gym manager about your position. If you outline your reasons, they may be good enough to listen to them and grant you a refund.

Cancelling if the service was bad

This really is your only recourse to a full break from the gym. If the service is bad or the equipment is dangerous, you should be able to push for a termination of your contract without any penalty fees.

Illegal contract

If your contract ties you in for more than a year, if it renews automatically without your permission or if the terms state that the gym is not liable for death or personal injury, you can force your gym to void the contract without fear of any penalty charges.

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