How to buy cheap land in the UK

If you’re thinking of building your own property or beginning a small holding, you’ll need to know how to buy cheap land in the UK. You could run a general search on the web for the cheapest areas of the country, but that will probably result in parcels of land that are not fit for purpose. If you want to know where to look for good land, why not start with government-owned land?

Government property

You can use gov.uk to find government property and land that’s up for sale to the public. Choose “Search all government estates” to get an overview of what there is out there in the marketplace. Then you choose “Land Only” under the “Property Type” heading and you’re only a few steps away from getting a list of all available government land.

Buying land at auction

We all know that bargains are found at auctions so this is an obvious place to look for cheap land in the UK. There are two sites worth a visit if you’re considering bidding for land – the first is auctionhouse.uk.net. The site has a handy learning tool that will help the novice to understand how auctions work, and you can also see the result of recent auctions which is a good tool for all buyers to review so they can gauge the market. You can take part in online auctions or find your local auction house. A trip to the auction for research purposes only is a good idea if you’re new to auctions. The other site that’s worth a look is uklandandfarms.co.uk. This is a great site for researching the market too, but you can also use its directory to see what’s available and make contact with the seller like you do with property sites like rightmove.co.uk.

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