How to cancel a credit card with NatWest

If you’re thinking about cancelling a credit card with NatWest, you’ve either just taken it out and realised that you don’t need it or you’ve paid it up and want to close the account. Either way, we’ll tell you how to cancel a credit card with NatWest so you’ll be prepared before making the call to the “Helpful Bank” as they like to call themselves.
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Manage your card

You can manage your card online through natwest.com. Here you’re able to check your balance and your transactions. You can view statements or download them as PDF through NatWest’s site, and you can make a payment against your card’s balance there. Balance transfer requests can also be carried out at natwest.com and you can manage your credit limit. Email and text alerts are also something that can be toggled on or off at the site and you can make NatWest aware whenever you’re travelling abroad. You can also report the loss or theft of your phone through the site and update your personal contact details.

NatWest Online

Although you can order cheque books and statements through the bank’s online service, which is actually pretty user friendly, you can’t cancel credit cards online. If you’d like to get rid of your card, you’ll need to call the Credit Card Services team. You’ll find their current contact details at supportcentre.natwest.com. It’s an 03 number so you won’t be charged more than a local rate for the call but you will need to call to cancel. The line is open 24 hours a day and you can make the call from overseas, although that’s a slightly different number.

Final word

Although you’ve got to call, make sure you stay firm and get your card cancelled. Calling a bank to tell them that you’re closing an account and no longer want their services puts you in their hands. Don’t let them talk you out of it, if you’ve made up your mind.

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