How to cancel student finance application

If your financial circumstances change or you decide not to attend university or college, you will probably want to cancel your application for financial assistance. We’ve got everything you need to know to find out how to cancel your student finance application.

Application process

Applying for a student loan or maintenance grant is very easy. You can do it through gov.uk where you can download an application form, print it and send it in or you can use the online form to send it electronically. You’ll need to create a logon and have all your financial information to hand so that an assessment can be made of your financial needs.

Supporting information

You will need further supporting information like household income and proof of identity in order to make a successful claim. Within 6 weeks of sending the application form in you will get a form back in the post that needs signing and returning. At this stage you can easily cancel your student finance application by not returning the forms. There are contact details on it which you should use if you’re choosing not to continue with the application.

Don’t want to wait

If you don’t want to wait for the form to be returned, you could save Student Finance England the time they would have spent working on your student finance application by getting in touch with them. Their contact details can be found at gov.uk/contact-student-finance-england‎. If you’re north of the border, the people you’ll need to speak to is the Student Awards Agency for Scotland. You’ll find their contact details at saas.gov.uk. If you’re studying in Wales, you’ll need to speak to Student Finance Wales (studentfinancewales.co.uk) and for Northern Ireland the people to speak to are Student Finance NI (studentfinanceni.co.uk).

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