How to claim for a UK pension

As with any other social security fund, finding out how to claim for a UK pension normally involves a series of phone calls, a few questions to those who are already claiming and a lot of looking online. Whether any of that gets you an answer or not, it will no doubt cause a lot of trouble, so thankfully we’ve got a few pointers to remember.

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Not automatic

You would be forgiven for thinking that this is an automatic payment made when you hit retirement age, but it’s not. You should receive a letter 4 months before you become eligible which will tell you exactly what to do. If with 3 months left you still haven’t had the letter, get in touch with the State Pension department.

Getting in touch

There are several ways this can be done. You can do this online through gov.uk/claim-state-pension-online. You could pick up the phone and call them using the contact details found on gov.uk. If you’d rather put your information down on paper, you can download and print an application form through gov.uk and then send it to your local pension centre.

Keep on working

If you’re interested in remaining in work, you can still claim the state pension but you can defer the payment will ultimately increases the pay-out amount.

Change in circumstances

No one can fully predict the future, so if an unexpected change happens in your circumstances, you should inform the Pension Service immediately. Moving home, going into or coming out of hospital, moving abroad or returning to the UK, going into a care home and changing your bank are all events you have to tell them about. That’s also the case if you get married, divorce your partner or become a widower.

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