How to claim housing benefit

If you’re struggling to make ends meet and the cost of accommodation is at the root of your financial problems, you might want to consider housing benefit. As with all other social benefits, the government doesn’t make claiming this form of financial help very easy. We’ll tell you how to claim housing benefit though and give you an idea of whether you’re eligible for it.

Who can claim?

If you’re liable for rent no matter whether you’re renting through the council, a housing association or through a private landlord, you can claim housing benefit. Lodgers and those who live in hostels or Bed and Breakfast accommodation can also claim, and you don’t have to be out of work. If you’re living with a close relative and paying to rent with them, you probably won’t be considered for this benefit.


You have to be a resident, the property you’re claiming against has to be your home and you have to be liable for the rent. Normally the council will only consider those on a low income, but those entitled to benefits paid through the Department for Work and Pensions can also claim. Obviously no one will take your word for it, so you’ll need to prove your situation.

Those who can’t claim

The people who can’t claim include anyone who is not the householder, any one with more than £16,000 in capital and those who are excluded from all forms of public funding due to their legal status in the country. Those living with a civil partner can’t claim if their partner’s already claiming.

How to claim

You’ll need to complete a claim form in order to be considered for this benefit. The official site for your local council will have a link to the form, but you can also find it through gov.uk.

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